Our Professional Code of Conduct


  • act in their best interests;
  • act in accordance with their lawful instructions; 
  • act only within the scope of the authority they provide; 
  • advise them to seek independent professional advice on matters outside of our expertise; 
  • maintain the confidentiality of their personal information; disclose everything material to them; 
  • communicate all offers to them in a timely, objective and unbiased manner; 
  • use reasonable efforts to discover relevant facts about the property they're considering buying; 
  • take reasonable steps to avoid any conflict of interest; but, if a conflict of interest does exist, promptly and fully disclose the conflict to them.



  • fully disclose to our clients, at the earliest opportunity, any information that relates to the transaction; 
  • not intentionally mislead anyone as to any matters pertaining to a property;
  • never reveal any of our client's confidential information, nor use any information we know about our client to their disadvantage;
  • not favour either client or give one an advantage if we are the listing REALTOR® acting as a dual agent in a competing offer situation;
  • at all times, be accountable to any monies involved in our client's transactio and provide competent assistance when dealing with lawyers, mortgage lenders and other third parties needed to successfully complete any contract;
  • in situations where we are representing multiple Buyers for the same property, disclose that fact and not put either at a competitive advantage;
  • "Deal fairly" at all times meaning we will act honestly and professionally, which does not in any way reduce our fiduciary duties to our clients.